As an organisation, "GENDER" is a very important part of our business, at Gumutindo we recognise that women do a lot of work on the farm to produce good quality coffee; therefore selling women's coffee is a way of recognising and appreciating their hard work and efforts.

Women members who supply this coffee are given an additional incentive to encourage them to produce good quality coffee but it helps them to pay school fees for their children, buy them scholastic materials for them and invest in other income generating activities.

Our Women's coffee project is enabling us to achieve greater eqality in our relationships and helping us to shape our own futures. Many of us now have a proportion of the family land in our own right for the first time and we are also members of Gumutindo. With our own land and finances we can make plans: for improving our coffee quality, our families' prospects and our homes.

Across Gumutindo, coffee volumes have increased and we are achieving excellent cupping scores. We always did a lot of the work on the land, but now we benefit directly from selling our coffee, it has boosted our morole and we are motivated to produce the best possible quality and increase yields.

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