We are a cooperative of 10,122 smallholder expert coffee farmers. We live and farm on the misty ridges and in the lush upland valleys of Africa's largest, extinct volcano: the majestic Mt. Elgon in Eastern Uganda.

We strive to bring benefits to our communities by working together across the supply chain and by producing the best cup quality

Our Vision

To be a benchmark in the specialty coffee world


To sustainably improve the livelihoods of our members

Primary Growers Societies

- Konokoyi
- Buginyanya
- Bumayoga
- Sipi
- Buteteya
- Nasufwa
- Bunabudde
- Kikuyu
- Masira
- Demukata
- Busamaga
- Buweswa
- Buwambigwa
- Lwambogo
- Bukalasi
- Bumatanda
- Nagudi Bwira

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