Due to the need to supply high and consistent quality coffee to our buyers, we have setup 3 bigger coffee washing stations in 3 primary societies.

Walukusi Coffee Washing Station

Walukusi Coffee washing station is named after a nearby river (Walukusi), it is one of the founding members of Gumutindo coffee co-operative Enterprise limited and has 1,833 individual members. Bumayoga is situated at an altitude of 1800metres above sea level on the south-western slopes of Mt. Elgon. Farmers grow varieties like, SL14, SL24 and Nyasaland. It is proved that such varieties do well in highland areas and are resistant to pests and disease.

Farmers in this area have between 1-2 acres of land; they not only grow coffee but also other crops like bananas, cassava, yams, maize and beans. Bumayoga is one of our biggest coffee suppliers; it supplies Gumutindo with 30% of the overall volume.

One of the reasons why Gumutindo constructed a Coffee Washing Station in Bumayoga is because the society has consistently supplied large volumes of coffee since Gumutindo’s inception. However the society had always experienced quality challenges.

Gumutindo believes that by constructing CWS in Bumayoga, it has not only received large volumes but also addressed the quality challenge that society had been facing hence producing high and consistent quality coffee that meets our buyers and speciality market demands.

Sisiyi Coffee Washing Station

Coffee Washing Station is also named after a nearby river called siyiyi, Buginyanya is one of the founder member of Gumutindo coffee co-operative enterprise limited. It is also the largest primary society with 1416 individual members, situated at an altitude of 2200 metres above sea level on the north-eastern slopes of Mt. Elgon. Farmers have between 2- 4 hectares of land with 300 coffee trees and grow coffee varieties like, SL 28 and Nyasaland. They also intercrop coffee with other crops like maize, beans, yams and Bananas.

Buginyanya farmers produce exceptional coffee with high and bright acidity because of its high altitude. Gumutindo had to setup a CWS so as to increase coffee volumes from our members and manage quality right from cherry to parchment stage.

Ndokwe Coffee Washing station

This Washing station is also named after a nearby river called Ndokwe. It is one of the low land societies at an altitude of 1300metres above sea level; it is located 5-6 kilometres away from Mbale town.

Lwambogo joined Gumutindo in 2011 and has 343 individual members.

Ndokwe CWS is a low land society but with distinctive cup profile on nice rounded body and dried fruit flavours.

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